Kia Orana

Our story goes like this:

Man meets girl in Rarotonga – falls in love – gets married – make 12 babies ( no tv ) – family sings alot to amuse themselves (costs nothing) – someone picks up a guitar, uke, drumsticks…and the rest (as they say) is HISTORY.

We are the Maoate Anau (Family) from Muriwai Beach. We started out singing gospel songs at church and like most PI families, went from singing at church to jamming it at home.

When us kids were small, we grew up singing to Raro cd’s and tapes as our parents didnt listen to radio stations in our house. All us children were raised up speaking Cook Islands Maori till the age of 6 at which point…we all jump on the dinner table at home and start our formal education in English (none of us have been to a normal NZ school-we are all homeschooled). As we have grown older, we have continued to keep our mother tongue alive and have built a website, , to share our beautiful language with the rest of the civilised world. Pu..weeee!

Our early influences have come from Cook Islands superstars such as the divas Te’Ata Nga and Tara Kauvai; the man himself, Ephraim Taokia; and the Princes of Panapana ,koia oki the  Vaimutu Boys and Virgin Voyage. These artists have shaped our foundations and instilled in us the beats which keep our pulses running.

As we have grown, we have expanded to other genres of music across a broad and very wide spectrum. This includes country, reggae, blues, pop, hip-hop, spanish, nesian and good old fashion kiwi. From Eagles to Timberlake to 50cent to Nesian Mystik to Kolohe Kai…we have sung them all.

As a result, we specialize in English covers music and are highly proficient in our Cook Islands jams and cultural performances.Our unique repetoire of music grows every week in both the latest English covers and Cook Islands recorded pops.

Our band and accompanying dancers are able to keep audiences excited and involved during our inclusive 30 minute floor-show. This has shown to be exceptionally popular with our clients at Festivals,”Family Big Days Out” and Pacific Theme nights.

When you fuse all of the above genres together…

with our unique island drumming

and you bring different generations and ethnicities to a point of being in a state of “happiness”…you enter our special brand of entertainment

Its called…

NewYears-Waitangi-Day-poster-AW-41-734x10242012 has been an exciting year for us. To kick it off, on Waitangi Day, February 6, we gigged it with some of the big names in the New Zealand music industry. Anika Moa, Ardijah, Moana and The Tribe, Maisey Rika, Nat Rose etc and others. Was an absolutely awesome experience.

This year, we are working  on original music and plan to release in Rarotonga. Rehab…here we come. Keep an eye out on our website and if you would like a FREE CD head on over to our Facebook page, click “Like” and enter your name and address in the optin form so that we can send one to you.

Ne’ways, thanks for your support, both emotionally and financially. Hope to be jammin it somewhere near you soon.

Until then, ka kite ra

Keeping it Fresh…arbs-beach

Arbs and The Crew@Muzacon

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